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Runamuk Roost: A Wisconsin Retreat is Seamlessly Expanded and Updated
Photos by Steve Umland,

Northwoods gem
Runamuk Roost is a northwoods gem on Durphee Lake in northern Wisconsin’s Sawyer County. The cabin was built in the mid-1960s with handcrafted logs, while the stone for the foundation and fireplace came from a local quarry.

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Runamuk Roost […]

Do-It-Yourselfers Revamp a Tiny Cabin

Log Siding – Benefits and options

Log siding is less expensive than traditional full-log construction because it uses less material, it’s easier to install (think lower labor costs), and some manufacturers claim it adds a layer of insulation as well.
With log siding, you won’t have to consider the log shrinkage and settling issues that come with full-log construction.
As […]

A Revived Boathouse is an Elegant Multitasker

Saltwater fun is always in season on Puget Sound. Kayaking, water-skiing, and shellfishing are among the favorite pastimes of a Tacoma couple and their young son who vacation here year-round.     The family purchased their Hood Canal haven 10 years ago. A mere 11⁄2-hour drive from the city, the 80-acre property is actually quite remote, […]

Rustic Log Cabin Renovation in Oregon

Story by Jana Voelke Studelska
Photos by Roger Wade

Looking back on it, the Haberlachs realize they had no idea what they were getting into – this large log summer home just miles from downtown Portland, Ore., listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

“We’re used to it now,” laughs LaVonne Haberlach, who bought the home with […]

Sunny Haven

A Special Place to Hang Out The Amundsons like that their new sunroom lacks a cramped, “boxy” feel; instead, it offers elegant character with a great deal of openness. The entire sunroom is cedar – from the western red cedar beams to the cedar-lined ceiling […]

Bonus floor plan for “Surfside Cottage”

In the June 2015 issue, we highlighted the updates made to this beach cottage in Nantucket, Mass. Here, we share the floor plan for the smartly renovated getaway, courtesy of Botticelli & Pohl Architects. SUMMER LIVING – A small cottage on the surf side of Nantucket Island is the ideal summer escape, especially if it has […]

The Cabin That Keeps On Giving

With its rambling shoreline, scenic Bay Lake, Minn., was fittingly named. Its moniker is linked to an Ojibwa word meaning “every which way lake.” How appropriate then, that construction of Ruthann “Chi Chi” McDermott’s summer home – which is located on Bay Lake – also took a meandering path. It developed over time on an […]

The Unexpected Cabin

Getting Creative Given the small size of the cabin, the Rigerts and David gave special attention to the interior design and fixtures to pack the most punch. Inspiration came from fly-fishing trips to Montana, where Donna and Michael fell in love with the western architectural style including open storage, wooden beams and large windows. […]

Rustic Cabin Renovation: Reclaiming a Fishing Ranch

When they found it, the ranch house was sagging off a loose stone foundation. Most of the original flooring, installed when the ranch was built in the early 1900s, was gone. Doors were missing. Windows were broken. Trees had fallen on the roof, leaving sunlight streaming through the ceiling. Rodents had moved in. Delicately put, […]

More photos for “A Welcoming Cabin with a View”

In the March 2013 issue of Cabin Life, a renovated Minnesota lakehome was featured in Jennifer T. Derrick’s article “A Welcoming Cabin with a View” Significant changes were made when a number of walls were torn down in the small cabin, opening up the floor plan as well as the view of the lake. As […]