Vintage Style at the Cabin

Throwback to vintage style for your cabin.
By Janice Brewster

Ah, the good old days that were filled with sun, fun and familiar faces – those memories that create smiles when thought of today.

Why not create more smiles by bringing back the feel of those good old days with nostalgic decorating? Even if your place is brand […]

Checklist for Winterizing the Cabin

Use these checklists to prep your cabin for the winter ahead, especially if you don’t plan to visit frequently.

Outside Tasks
For the cabin

Look for air leaks around electrical wiring, dryer vents, pipes, windows and doors; then seal leaks with caulk or insulation to keep out cold air and pests.
Insulate pipes in crawl spaces by wrapping them […]

Heating and Cooling Your Cabin

Heating and cooling news for your seasonal home.
By Janice Brewster

With heating and cooling gobbling up almost half the energy used in a typical U.S. home, finding the most efficient system to keep your cabin comfortable is important. If you’re building or remodeling a vacation cabin or second home, giving some thought to efficient heating and […]

An Energy-Efficient Hillside Hideaway

An energy-efficient cabin in the Berkshires is a real beauty.
Story by Fran Sigurdsson | Photos by Frank Coleman | Courtesy John Cole Architect

Make that hill, house and owner, where Susan Chien and Edgar Leighton are concerned. The couple couldn’t be happier with their new hillside hideaway in the Berkshires.

For years, these Rhode Islanders vacationed at […]

Small Cabin Kitchens

Inspiration for modest cottage and small cabin kitchens.
By Janice Brewster

Some of your fondest memories at the cabin probably include food – family meals at holidays, s’mores around the fire pit or drinks and appetizers on the deck. But small cabin kitchens are common. So how do you get the most function out of a little kitchen? […]