Delectable Fresh Fish Recipes

Simple, yet delectable ways to prepare your freshly caught fish.
By Emily Hare

What is your ideal cabin setting? The answer to that question can vary widely from person to person. Some would say deep in the woods or high up in the mountains. Overwhelmingly popular among cabin owners is lakefront property, where boating, swimming and fishing […]

Party Cabin: Mozzarella & Moonshine

Cabin kitchen too small? Just add a pizza shack!
By Michael J. Wilkus, AIA

You might be wondering how the headline of this article is tied to Cabin Living. Well, it all started with the recommendations of a mutual friend, Brian, and the common bond of living the cabin life.

A few years back, with a goal of […]

Summer Cabin Recipes

Summer cabin meals are better alfresco.
By Lisa Readie Mayer

Summer calls for a good, old-fashioned picnic. Sure, you can pack one to-go for a day on the boat or a hike in the woods, but there’s no need to even venture beyond the cabin compound. Whether you simply lay a blanket on the grass, spread a […]

Fresh, Fish Recipes for the Cabin

No fish story, this fresh-catch feast is fast, easy and delicious.
By Lisa Readie Mayer

Whether you caught it yourself, or reeled it in from the supermarket, a catch-of-the-day dinner is the perfect ending to a fun day of boating. Fish is low in fat and calories, high in protein, rich in vitamins and minerals, and super […]

Cabin Potluck

Bringing together great people & great recipes at the cabin potluck.
By Julie Kuczynski

About an hour outside of Washington, D.C., by way of Interstate 66, a family cabin named Camp Davis sits just a few miles short of Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. “Back roads leave the highway behind, turning and twisting up Blue Mountain, over […]

Delicious Recipes for Brunch at the Cabin

Delicious recipes to make on weekend mornings at the cabin.
Surprise your mother at the cabin by whipping up one of these recipes, or enjoy these comforting dishes anytime you miss her cooking!

The recipes here are from the book “Mother’s Best: Comfort Food That Takes You Home Again,” by chef Lisa Schroeder with food writer Danielle […]

Summer Cabin Recipes: Grilling Hot Dogs

9 tips on how to be top dog at the grill this summer with these new, fun hot dog recipes.
By Kristine Hansen

Lean, low-fat chicken breasts might be my go-to grilled meal, but sometimes what I really crave is the comfort of a yummy, old-fashioned hot dog. On those days, a snappy, juicy, slightly spicy frankfurter, […]

Cooking at the Cabin: Freshly Caught Fish

Shore lunch at the cabin or wherever you happen to be.

As the crow flies, Harold Ball’s cabin is located about 137 miles northeast of Thunder Bay, Ontario, in the township of Greenstone. His property is the only piece of deeded land within 350,000 acres of what Canadians refer to as “Crown land,” which is public […]

Burgers Star in Cabin Cookouts

Here’s how to take your burger from ho-hum to haute cuisine!

As gourmet as grilling has become, the humble hamburger is still the No. 1 food to cook over the coals. This iconic American classic is ideal cabin fare because it shines equally as a no-fuss dinner for two, or as a yummy, hearty crowd-pleaser that’s […]

Rhubarb Regale Recipes

Treat your taste buds by adding rhubarb to the cabin menu.
You’ve probably tried rhubarb in pies and in other delectable sweets, or even indulged in a full glass of rhubarb wine on occasion, but the recipes presented here will encourage you to try it in new and exciting ways. The plant has a rich history […]