Off-Grid Cabin in Alaska

A Milwaukee couple loves their year-round retreat in The Last Frontier.
By Fran Sigurdsson

It takes grit to live off-grid in winter. And that’s just in the lower 48. But what if your retreat is in Talkeetna, Alaska – gateway to Denali National Park? Here, just south of Denali, the highest peak in North America at 20,310 […]

Vintage Style at the Cabin

Throwback to vintage style for your cabin.
By Janice Brewster

Ah, the good old days that were filled with sun, fun and familiar faces – those memories that create smiles when thought of today.

Why not create more smiles by bringing back the feel of those good old days with nostalgic decorating? Even if your place is brand […]

DIY Cabin Remodel: Big Fork Farmhouse

From rundown farmhouse to charming rustic cabin.
Story by Melissa Mylchreest
Photos by Heidi A. Long

In the beginning, the outlook wasn’t entirely rosy at the little farmhouse in Bigfork, Mont.

“There were definitely times, initially, that we thought we had bought a lemon,” says Felesha McAfee.

Felesha recalls the winter of 2013, when she and her husband, Jeremiah, began […]

A Cozy Mountain Cabin in Montana

This lil’ cozy mountain cabin in Big Sky was built to fit just right.
Story by Melissa Mylchreest
Photos by Heidi A. Long

If you ask Paul Larson whether he has a favorite room or feature in his Kalispell, Mont., cabin, he’ll tell you yes, definitely.

“I love the big patio door in the living room,” he says, referencing […]

This Cabin is a Gathering Place

An Ohio couple builds a getaway for family in the form of a cabin.
Story by Janice Brewster
Photos by Joseph Hilliard

Some people journey for thousands of miles hoping to find peace and serenity. For Sheila and Mike Hicks, the perfect escape is just a short drive away. Three hours south of their home in Cleveland, the […]

City Dwellers Feel the Pull of Cabin Life

Cabin life: they call it “bathing” in the great outdoors…
Story by Stacey Freed
Photos by Roger Wade
Styling by Debra Grahl

Only graduate school could make Melanie Hibbert and her husband Dave Hibler – who met in rural Alaska and got engaged in Iceland – land in Manhattan. She finished her doctorate and now works for Columbia University […]

DIY Cabin Remodel: Bonus Photos

From rundown farmhouse to charming rustic cabin.
The December 2016 issue of Cabin Living features a stunning remodel of a Montana farmhouse as it’s transformed into a charming rustic cabin. Here are bonus, website-only “before” and “after” photos.

Cabinology 101: Carpenter Design Logic

Plus 11 Smart design ideas from the experts!
By Dale Mulfinger

I would never claim to fully understand carpenter logic, but after working with numerous builders for the past three decades, I can attest to how often they critique my designer logic.

We architects perceive an end state: an ideal, beautiful cabin. On the other hand, a builder […]

Adirondack Camp-Inspired Style

Bring great camp-inspired decor into your cabin.
By Janice Brewster

Moneyed East Coast families snapped up thousands of acres of undeveloped land in the Adirondack area of New York in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Filled with streams, alpine lakes and high peaks, the region offered beauty and outdoor activities for these turn-of-the-last-century barons and their […]

A Log Cabin Gets an Invisible Addition

Transforming a log cabin into a home for the golden years.
Story by Nancy E. Oates | Photos by Roger Wade | Styling by Debra Grahl

In 2014, as Gary and Suzan Slayden looked toward retirement, they sold their suburban house in Murfreesboro, Tenn., where they’d lived since 1988, and purchased a lot in a golf-course community in town. […]