Protecting Your Cabin

Getaways, by nature, are vacant at times – leaving them vulnerable to theft. Fortunately, there are ways to bolster your security. Doors While it may seem a row of deadbolts would do the […]

Renovation Safety Tips

Disclaimer: Those who know me might not consider me the best person to discuss renovation safety. In fact, those of you who have driven me to the ER, kept me stocked with ice and Advil, or otherwise have taken time out of your life to help me through some stupid mistakes, might be shaking your […]

Security: Web Surveillance

Security cameras monitor the local convenience store. Protective parents monitor the nanny with a hidden camera. Cabin owner Scott Stevens keeps his cabin under video surveillance with a Web cam.Stevens’ place is on Waneta Lake in the Finger Lakes region     of New York state, and his primary home is far […]

Severe Weather Safety Tips

According to the American Red Cross, lightning, which is present in every thunderstorm, kills more people each year than tornadoes or hurricanes. Their motto: If thunder roars, go indoors! Lucky for you, the cabin shelves are already prepped for unplugged fun (checkers, anyone?) that you can enjoy while you’re tucked safely inside.     Just be […]