Tips to Protect Your Place from Wildfire

■ Choose fire-resistant roofing material such as metal, tile or slate. ■ Do not attach a wooden fence to your cabin.■ Enclose open eaves and screen soffits to deflect embers.■ Clear roof and gutters of debris – especially pine needles, a highly flammable landscape material.■ Maintain a defensible space around your cabin by clearing away […]

Campfire Safety Tips

Cool ways to get a hot spark In windy or rainy conditions, a standard match or lighter might not do the trick. A terrific option is a commercial fire starter, such as BlastMatch, below. It’s a small, handheld device that uses a spring-loaded flint and tungsten striker to create a spark. It requires only one […]

Reader’s Tip: High-tech Video Security Systems

Mary Solomon has two high-tech video security systems installed on her lake property: One that doesn’t work and one that does. Mary, whose primary home is in the sunbelt, wanted a web-based video security system for her lake property in the upper reaches of the frostbelt so she could “see my property from wherever I […]

VIDEO: DIY Safety Tips

A recent survey by the 3M TEKK Protection showed that 36% of DIYers were injured or suffered a side effect while working on a home improvement project last year. Cabin Life editor Mark Johnson recently interviewed Lou Manfredini, who spent 25 years of his life building and renovating homes and now hosts a popular home improvement […]

Demolition Safety 101

So, it’s finally time to knock down that eyesore of a porch, gut the 1970s kitchen … or maybe even knock down a wall or two to open up your cabin’s floor plan. Whether your demolition project is small or large, it’s important to follow a few basic safety guidelines to ensure that you – […]

Fire-Resistant Plants

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How to Fireproof Your Cabin…

Protect your cabin with Firewise
Story by Kathleen Preece

“Hotter” and “faster.” These are familiar words if you’re a cabin dweller anticipating a soothing dip in a hot tub. In recent years, however, those words have developed a different connotation and evoked a different set of emotions: those of fear and devastation.

Wildfires. They burn hot. They burn fast. […]

Cabin Security Tips

It was the first downer on what had been a steady string of cabin high notes. I was in high school, and we had recently finished building a modest hunting cabin on the banks of the St. Louis River in northern Minnesota. It is a uniquely beautiful and remote area, and the entire family had […]

12 Low-Tech Cabin Security Tips

Remote getaways that are visited only seasonally can be ideal targets for potential thieves. The good news is that a would-be burglar’s biggest deterrents are light, noise, and barriers to effortless entry – obstacles that are relatively inexpensive and simple to create at your cabin. Pair these with some common-sense strategies, and you can rest […]

Safety Tips: Powering Your Waterfront Projects

Suspect you’re in danger? Unfortunately, ESD is not a constant presence felt equally by all swimmers.  People react differently to varying amounts of stray voltage, depending on body size and composition. So while you may feel fine, it could be affecting a nearby child or adult differently. If you suspect you may be in […]