Staying Safe on the Water

Pulling towables behind your boat or PWC.
By John Tiger

Having guests at your lakeside retreat is a lot of fun. Water sports are a natural part of that fun, and given most folks’ appetite for excitement, it’s likely your weekends will include all the fun things to do on the water behind your boat – waterskiing, […]

Portable Solar Generators

This web-exclusive article provides bonus info on portable solar generators for the magazine story “The Unplugged Cabin: Off-Grid in the Catskills”.
By Fran Sigurdsson

Solar generators are a great option for the off-grid cabin. Unlike gas or propane models, solar generators draw power from the sun, not fuel. They are completely silent and emit no exhaust or […]

Berenstain Boating: Staying Safe on the Water

What not to do when you’re out on the boat and a lesson staying safe on the water.
By Christy Heitger-Ewing

As a kid, I loved reading the “Berenstain Bears” books, and as a parent, I read them to my sons. I’ve gotten the biggest kick out of the fact that Papa Bear, in the process of […]

What You Need to Know About Life Jackets

Who will be using it and how determines which style of life jacket is the right choice.
By John Neporadny Jr.

You’re a strong swimmer and you have life jackets stowed on board, so why should you have to wear one? The life jacket gets in your way when you’re trying to cast your rod or paddle […]

Saw Safety Tips

Far too often, people underestimate the risks they face when working outdoors, says Gent Simmons, product manager of handheld tools for Husqvarna. “It’s important for cabin owners to have proper equipment on hand and to be familiar with safe operating procedures whenever you’re preparing to use a chain saw. Whether it’s cleaning up after a […]

11 Ways to Prevent a Break-in

It’s a great feeling to pull into your cabin’s lane or driveway, knowing that your sanctuary awaits. But if you’ve ever arrived to find that your cabin has been burglarized, then you’re familiar with just how quickly that great feeling turns to fear, anger and frustration. According to crime prevention authorities, most cabin and cottage […]

Surviving a Wildfire

Be Proactive in Protecting Your Place Some cabin owners are reluctant to alter the canvas of their property by slicing down trees. But nobody advocates a clear-cut approach; besides, removing all trees would introduce other problems such as […]

Affordable Cabin Security

Q: I want to install cameras to keep an eye on my cabin when I’m not there, but I don’t want to spend thousands on a high-tech surveillance system. What other options do I have?

– Ron, via email


A: It’s a great idea to install a few extra “eyes” around your cabin – you can never […]

The Unstoppable Catastrophic Wildfire

By Mother’s Day, 1988, the snow was a week gone. Wild peas, fiddlehead ferns and trout lilies were emerging in the woods around Lake Vermilion in northern Minnesota. It was late afternoon, and my wife and I were opening the cabin – I outside connecting the hose to the water storage tank, my wife inside […]

How to Protect Your Cabin, Cottage or Camp from Wildfire

Every year, hundreds of homes and outbuildings are destroyed by wildfire. Many of these structures could have been saved if cabin and cottage owners, and homeowners, had followed some simple suggestions. Within 30 feet* of a home or structure, homeowners should: Reduce or eliminate hazardous evergreen trees, […]