Cost-Effective Cabin Ownership

Buying a cabin retreat on leased land.
By Stacey Freed

Back in the 1930s, Jane Lininger’s grandfather paid a permit fee for a one-room log cabin on Hebgen Lake in southwest Montana about 10 miles from the town of West Yellowstone. Flash forward to 2016. Lininger still owns that cabin – but not the land on which […]

Shop Smart Before Buying a Cabin

Here’s what you need to know about buying a cabin.
By Stacy Durr Albert

For many of us, the phrase “package deal” evokes happy thoughts. Whether you’re planning a dream vacation or simply hoping to bundle your TV, phone, and Internet services, an all-inclusive package that consolidates everything you need is hard to pass up.

Today’s cabins often […]

Tips for Siting Your Cabin

Cabin dreamin’ is fun, but deciding where a cabin should go can be the most important and challenging part of the building process. That’s because each parcel of land has its own character and personality. Which is why, presumably, you chose yours. But even if it was love at first “site,” don’t rush into construction.

“Spend […]

Transferring Your Cabin to Future Generations

How can you pass your beloved cabin to your heirs at the least risk and cost? Below is a brief overview of a few popular strategies for keeping the cabin in the family while protecting your assets, minimizing tax liability and avoiding family disharmony. […]

What is NOAA?

Q: While watching the weather on our local television station during a thunderstorm that was producing tornado clouds, the weather person said to keep our NOAA tuned in. What was he referring to? Because we live […]

Working with the Right Realtor

Tips for working with a realtor while searching for your perfect vacation cabin.
By Nancy Cain

A real estate agent can be your greatest asset … or your biggest obstacle in finding the perfect vacation home. When you go to a physician with a sore throat, you expect to be helped. The same is true for most […]

Second Home Income

You’ve always dreamed of owning a cabin, being able to spend several weeks a year in your own slice of heaven. But you awaken from your dream wondering if you can justify this type of lifestyle purchase. Will you use a cabin often enough to justify the high prices that today’s vacation homes are fetching? […]

Securing your Cabin’s Future: With Trust

When a family cabin is passed down from one generation to another, the property once viewed as a nostalgic representation of summer youth can sometimes become a cause of family friction and turmoil. To avoid emotional stress and plan for future management of your cabin, you may want to consider working with an attorney to […]

Sell Your Cabin for Top Dollar

Our fictional cabin owners, Joe and JoAnne Fishslayer, just discovered that their dream cabin across the lake is on the market. They’ve owned their place for 10 years and decided it’s time to trade up. What will help them sell their cabin more quickly? A professional appraisal. […]

Sharing the Cabin

Maybe Grandma and Grandpa gifted the cabin to your extended family, or maybe you and your siblings pooled your cash to buy a place. Whatever the reason you’re sharing, you can avoid a few headaches if you pay close attention to a simple detail: the schedule.Acknowledge the problemHaving tons of loved ones isn’t what we’d […]