Outdoor Stains & Paints

How to choose the best products for tough conditions climates.
Q. I just built a lakeside log cabin with a cedar-sided garage in the far northern U.S. Because of lake exposure and temperature extremes, I want to buy the best possible stains and paints that will endure. What do you recommend?
– Cliff Bevins, via email
A. Because […]

How to Declutter the Cabin

Q) Our family cabin has accumulated things from various family members and friends over the years. Some items have sentimental value, even when they’re not used, and I’m having trouble getting rid of things. How can I declutter a cabin that’s been in the family since my grandparents built it?
– Anon., via email

A) Decluttering is […]

Exterior Finishes at the Cabin

There are several options for exterior finishes at the cabin – should you paint or stain wood siding?

Wood siding, unlike vinyl or metal, requires protection from the rain, wind and sun. This means applying paint or stain to new wood and periodic re-coating on previously finished siding. When re-finishing previously finished siding, it’s usually easiest […]

Cabin Dreaming

To share your best ideas, all you need is a pen and a napkin.
By Dale Mulfinger

Fall is soon upon us, so many cabiners will contemplate closing the cabin for the season, draining the pipes, lifting out the dock and cleaning out the frig. But just because we are leaving the cabin physically doesn’t mean we […]

Blitz Build for a Good Cause

Cabin neighbors band together for a modern-day barn raising.
By Christy Heitger-Ewing

On the north side of Bluewater Lake in northern Minnesota there’s a cove that serves as a popular gathering spot for camp goers, cabin owners and lake lovers. A long stretch of natural sandy shoreline that gives way to crystal clear shallow waters where outdoor […]

Trees & Shrubs for Your Cabin

Which trees and shrubs do I plant? Where do I plant them?
By Jennifer Baker

I don’t think my grandpa gave much thought to either the type or placement of pines that he planted around the cabin that he just built on the quiet shores of Oneida Lake. The four red pines were personal tributes to each […]

Reclaimed Pallet Wood

Q. I would like to use old pallet wood to build some outdoor furniture and other pieces for our cabin. What do I need to know? What steps should I take before getting started (precautions, etc.)? – Janice Fritz, via email

Pallets provide excellent building material because they’re made of strong pieces of wood that often […]

Thrifty DIY Cabin Decor

6 easy ways to add personality to your getaway without breaking the bank.
Story By Linda Kast
Styling By Lisa Bergman

Nothing says, “Welcome back to the cabin,” like opening the door to a well-placed assortment of books, movies, colorful jars of no-wilt daisies, and a cozy place to rest your feet. Time spent at the cabin is […]

Patio Inspiration for the Cabin

Get the look you want for your outdoor space at the cabin with some patio inspiration.
Patios are both an extension of a cabin and a place apart, a spot to stay outdoors that much longer, but within reach of the cabin’s comforts. Colors and materials can echo or contrast the rustic feeling of your getaway: […]

Adding a Pergola to a Cabin Deck

Finding a way to shield the sun while still enjoying the outdoors led to this gorgeous addition to a cabin deck space.

It started as most cabin-related projects do: We were out to solve a problem.

My wife, Linda, and I wanted to be able to enjoy our deck during the morning, afternoon and early-evening hours, even […]