Restoring Your Deck


Ask the Experts – Which stain is best?

There are more stain types than just water- and oil-based. Each has its advantages.

Building a Deck that will Last

In this video, Cabin Living Editor, Mark Johnson shares a few tips for properly joining your new deck to your cabin.

Deck Maintenance Made Easy

In this video, Cabin Editor, Mark Johnson offers some simple steps you can follow to show your deck some love.

3 Easy Steps to Deck Maintenance

Keep your wood deck looking like new by following these easy but important construction and maintenance tips.

Off-Grid in the Catskills

Spectacular view & bass pond included.
By Fran Sigurdsson

Ken and Laurie Hoffman own the perfect spot for off-grid cabin living. Their New York retreat has a beautiful southern exposure, with full sun from dawn to dusk. “It’s ideally situated for solar gain,” notes Ken.

But the real reason the couple purchased the lot was for the spectacular […]

Staying Safe on the Water

Pulling towables behind your boat or PWC.
By John Tiger

Having guests at your lakeside retreat is a lot of fun. Water sports are a natural part of that fun, and given most folks’ appetite for excitement, it’s likely your weekends will include all the fun things to do on the water behind your boat – waterskiing, […]

Tips for Buying a Waterfront Cabin

Expert advice for buying waterfront property
By Janice Brewster

A cabin on the Chain O’ Lakes, Waupaca, Wis. Photo by Mark R. Johnson
Close your eyes and envision your dream cabin … Does it come with a view of the water?
For many, cabin living means waterfront living. If you’re in search of your own shore haven, do your […]

Outdoor Stains & Paints

How to choose the best products for tough conditions climates.
Q. I just built a lakeside log cabin with a cedar-sided garage in the far northern U.S. Because of lake exposure and temperature extremes, I want to buy the best possible stains and paints that will endure. What do you recommend?
– Cliff Bevins, via email
A. Because […]

Help! My Outboard Won’t Start!

Step-by-step troubleshooting to help you pinpoint problems.

Murphy’s Law says your boat won’t start when you have a cabin (and boat) full of guests. While outboards have become more and more complex, they still operate on the same principles as they did before the current wave of EFI/DFI and four-stroke technology appeared. To start and run, […]