2013 Flood in Glen Haven, Colo.

The Grice family has owned a cabin in Glen Haven, Colo., for 90 years. Doug and Sandy Grice have lived there for the last 32 years, repairing, maintaining and improving the property and home they affectionately call “Glen Rock.” The cabin is located on the North Fork of the Big Thompson River, and it has […]

Bald Eagle Catches Fish From a Small Ontario Lake

While we were fishing on small lake in Ontario, the lake’s resident Bald Eagle circled and swooped down to the water’s surface for his dinner – right in front of us! Video submitted by Cabin Life editorial assistant Emily Hare.

Barefoot Skiing on Fox River and Tichigan Lake, Wisconsin

Barefooting from your cabin’s backyard is a perfect way to end a day on the water on Fox River/Tichigan Lake, southeastern Wisconsin. Video submitted by Mark Boncher, editor of American Snowmobiler magazine.

Black Lab Loves Swinging in the Hammock

Our black Lab, Cabella, cannot resist a chance to swing in the hammock. Good thing there’s enough room for two! Video submitted by Cabin Life editorial assistant Emily Hare.

Brody Dock Diving

Brody shows off his dock-jumping skills at the cabin. Video submitted by Maureen Schimmel, Lac du Flambeau, Wis.

Crossing a Beaver Dam in a Chevy Truck

My father-in-law owns a cabin on 120 acres of wooded wilderness in northern Wisconsin. Beavers have taken up residence in the creek that runs through the property, making it difficult for us to reach our prime deer hunting locations. This summer, I crossed the dam with my 2006 Chevrolet Silverado to transport insulated panels for […]

Time for a Trim

About 30 feet beyond the front porch, which is our summer dining and living room, is a stand of cedars. The cedars offer erosion control for the bank and a privacy shield from traffic on the lake. But every decade or so, the cedars begin to block our view of the lake. And the dreaded […]

To Motor or to Paddle?

Are you a PWC-riding or kayak-paddling kind of guy or gal?  Just be honest and answer the question without reading into it. It’s okay; this isn’t some kind of political correctness test. You won’t be branded a motorhead or granola-muncher. This is about a preference in watercraft and how you enjoy your time on the […]

Training at the Cabin

Okay, what do you call two people who spend their cabin weekends swimming, biking and running just for the fun of it? Crazy! But for my husband, Jeff, and me, our favorite pastime is to compete in triathlons in the summer months, which requires us to put in some serious miles to prepare. So, what […]

Cabinitis: Trees R Us

I have been living a very dangerous life! Since we purchased our cabin in 1992, I have had to cut down a hundred or so trees. And that is very risky business.  Now before anyone rushes out to have me pilloried as a destroyer of greenery, let me explain.My cabin sits in a heavily wooded […]