Buying a Snowmobile

Website Exclusive: An expanded list of 20 expert tips you need before you shop for a snowmobile!
By Mark Boncher

Take a big plunge or a little plunge? Payments or no payments? What happens if something goes wrong? I have heard all the questions and have seen hundreds of scenarios play out when people shop for snowmobiles. […]

A Cabin Tree House in California

A love for tree houses is handed down from mother to son.
Story & photos by Diane Jacobson

I grew up climbing trees – big ponderosa pines in the Rattlesnake Mountains of western Montana. When I needed a place to think, imagine, play or read, I’d climb my favorite tree. It took concentrated effort to mount the […]

Keeping Deer at Bay

Let’s hear it for rotten eggs!

According to a University of Nebraska study comparing commercial deer repellents,* potions crafted with rotten eggs as their active ingredient are the most effective.

You may think they keep deer away because they taste and smell so bad. But the sulfur odor actually promotes a fear response in deer and other […]

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Is there anything more beautiful than watching snow fall from the warmth of your cabin? Actually, there is. Next time the snow falls in fluffy flakes, head on out for a hike through your very own winter wonderland. All you need is some warm clothes, maybe a thermos of hot chocolate, and of course, snowshoes.Hold […]

Winter Wonderland

The air is cold and crisp. The sky is so blue it looks like you could swim in it. Add 3 inches of fresh snow and it’s the perfect time to grab a pair of cross-country skis and head out to explore familiar environments enveloped in a white blanket — your very own winter wonderland.If […]

My First Ride

Do you have any experience with ATVs?”Todd “Starter” LePage had asked me this after a few minutes of watching me struggle to squeeze my head into a helmet. Fumbling with the chinstrap as I was, I had no choice but to answer honestly. “Nope.”Starter looked at me like I was a new, pathetic species of […]

What to Do If You Get Lost While Hiking

Maybe all you wanted to do was scramble up that forested hillside across the lake to see if there was a view from atop the ridge. So you headed off-trail, confident that if you just kept walking in one direction you’d soon be savoring a spectacular wide-open view. But a funny thing (that’s actually not […]

One Family’s Backcountry Misadventures

Gliding down out of the snow-filled quarry, the first snow-covered lake was marked by tiny pine boughs across the wide expanse to keep guests on track. Tom and Kevin settled into their pace while I pulled ahead, nervously channeling the NordicTrack guy from 80s commercials. I was keeping a brisk […]

Our Mysterious, Majestic Moon

• Diameter: 2,160 miles. This is about the distance from Washington, D.C., to the Rocky Mountains.• Average orbital speed: 2,287 miles per hour. Note that this number is very close to the moon’s diameter, making it the only known celestial body that moves through space at its own width per hour. This motion is readily […]

Powersports Relationship Quiz

Match your personality with the right ride
By Mark Boncher

Ever wonder if you could find happiness with a snowmobile or all-terrain-vehicle? Sure, some of your friends enjoy them, but would you? People who experience happiness with one gasoline-powered machine are likely to achieve satisfaction with another. Take this easy test to learn your machine compatibility score.

1  How’s […]