Building at the Water’s Edge

9 expert tips for effective waterfront cabin design.
By Dale Mulfinger

The design of cabins found on oceansides, lakeshores and stream banks is both exhilarating and challenging and necessitates some thoughtful ideas. We enjoy the beauty in a broad vista, the charm of a sunrise or sunset and the serenity of wild fowl glide patterns. We dream […]

How to Get Out on the Water and Love It

A guide to simplifying paddlesports access for everyone.
This content sponsored by EZ Dock.

The open water. The soothing sound of paddle meets surface. The sensation of floating—suspended in the middle of nature. There’s nothing like it.

Paddlesports lovers know the feeling. Getting out on the water is your chance to reflect, recharge, and experience nature from a […]

Help! My Outboard Won’t Start!

Step-by-step troubleshooting to help you pinpoint problems.

Murphy’s Law says your boat won’t start when you have a cabin (and boat) full of guests. While outboards have become more and more complex, they still operate on the same principles as they did before the current wave of EFI/DFI and four-stroke technology appeared. To start and run, […]

The Right PWC for You

How to choose the best craft for your cabin.
By Jeff Hemmel

Whether it’s a way to explore your surroundings, relax and play on the weekend or another toy to add to your fleet, a personal watercraft (PWC) can be an excellent addition to any cabin on or near the water. How do you know which best […]

Waterski Wipeout

My favorite cabin activity – waterskiing – clearly wasn’t for everyone.
By Christy Heitger-Ewing

Cool water sprayed my sun-kissed face as my teenage body popped out of the lake and began gliding with a sleek effervescence behind our Sea Ray boat. I delighted in the rhythmic slurp of slicing water as my fiberglass ski skimmed the surface. […]

Boat Lifts, Canopies & Curtains

This is some cool stuff! Get inspired about boat lifts, canopies & curtains and start having fun on the water at your cabin.

1. Pier-Port Boat Canopies
There’s a new solution for protecting your boat from sun and rain, and it doesn’t involve wrestling with a cover. Pier-Port’s cantilevered boat canopies cover up to six watercraft and […]

What to Do When Your Boat Motor Sputters

Should you replace your tired outboard with a newer model or rebuild that boat motor?
Story & photos by John Tiger

You’ve owned your outboard-powered “cottage craft” for many years. Maybe it’s a pontoon with a midsized 70-horsepower motor, an aluminum fishing skiff with a kicker, or even a runabout with a larger V-6.

Whatever your pleasure, boaters […]

The Best Power Boat for Your Cabin

From an expert: how to make sense of all the choices for the best power boat.
By Dan Armitage


Like one of the characters from “The Wind in the Willows,” I love messing about in boats. And for what it’s worth, I’ve parlayed that passion into an occupation as a freelance boat writer focusing on power boats. […]

Electric Boats

Imagine not having to lug gas jugs down to the dock.
By John Tiger

Our lakeside cabin may be well-equipped for boating. You may already have a fishing skiff with kicker outboard for early-morning fishing, and a bowrider for tubing and riding. But, something might be missing – what about an evening cruiser, something that can handle […]

Storing Your Cabin’s Gear for the Water

Design inspiration for outfitting the lakefront & storing your cabin’s gear for the water.
By Janice Brewster

Fun on the water often comes with lots of gear – from boats to life jackets, skis to sails, paddles to deck chairs. A boathouse or waterfront storage building can help protect your water toys, put everything you need within […]