The Right PWC for You

How to choose the best craft for your cabin.
By Jeff Hemmel

Whether it’s a way to explore your surroundings, relax and play on the weekend or another toy to add to your fleet, a personal watercraft (PWC) can be an excellent addition to any cabin on or near the water. How do you know which best […]

Waterski Wipeout

My favorite cabin activity – waterskiing – clearly wasn’t for everyone.
By Christy Heitger-Ewing

Cool water sprayed my sun-kissed face as my teenage body popped out of the lake and began gliding with a sleek effervescence behind our Sea Ray boat. I delighted in the rhythmic slurp of slicing water as my fiberglass ski skimmed the surface. […]

Boat Lifts, Canopies & Curtains

This is some cool stuff! Get inspired about boat lifts, canopies & curtains and start having fun on the water at your cabin.

1. Pier-Port Boat Canopies
There’s a new solution for protecting your boat from sun and rain, and it doesn’t involve wrestling with a cover. Pier-Port’s cantilevered boat canopies cover up to six watercraft and […]

What to Do When Your Boat Motor Sputters

Should you replace your tired outboard with a newer model or rebuild that boat motor?
Story & photos by John Tiger

You’ve owned your outboard-powered “cottage craft” for many years. Maybe it’s a pontoon with a midsized 70-horsepower motor, an aluminum fishing skiff with a kicker, or even a runabout with a larger V-6.

Whatever your pleasure, boaters […]

The Best Power Boat for Your Cabin

From an expert: how to make sense of all the choices for the best power boat.
By Dan Armitage


Like one of the characters from “The Wind in the Willows,” I love messing about in boats. And for what it’s worth, I’ve parlayed that passion into an occupation as a freelance boat writer focusing on power boats. […]

Electric Boats

Imagine not having to lug gas jugs down to the dock.
By John Tiger

Our lakeside cabin may be well-equipped for boating. You may already have a fishing skiff with kicker outboard for early-morning fishing, and a bowrider for tubing and riding. But, something might be missing – what about an evening cruiser, something that can handle […]

Storing Your Cabin’s Gear for the Water

Design inspiration for outfitting the lakefront & storing your cabin’s gear for the water.
By Janice Brewster

Fun on the water often comes with lots of gear – from boats to life jackets, skis to sails, paddles to deck chairs. A boathouse or waterfront storage building can help protect your water toys, put everything you need within […]

Creative Play with Paddlecraft

Have more fun with your paddlecraft, including canoes, kayaks & SUPs.
By Dan Armitage

There’s a reason that paddlecraft represent the fastest-growing category of watercraft across cabin country. Actually, there are several.

Canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) are:

Easy to store and transport;
Simple to power, and,
Can be launched and enjoyed just about anywhere there’s enough water to float […]

Berenstain Boating: Staying Safe on the Water

What not to do when you’re out on the boat and a lesson staying safe on the water.
By Christy Heitger-Ewing

As a kid, I loved reading the “Berenstain Bears” books, and as a parent, I read them to my sons. I’ve gotten the biggest kick out of the fact that Papa Bear, in the process of […]

Fueling Up Your Cabin Boat

Tips for safe and convenient filling up your cabin boat at the lake or in town.
By John Tiger

For lakeside cabin owners with a boating jones, there’s always the question of filling up: where to do it? If your home waters have lakeside filling marinas, this is the easiest and possibly the safest choice. Most marinas […]