Building at the Water’s Edge

9 expert tips for effective waterfront cabin design.
By Dale Mulfinger

The design of cabins found on oceansides, lakeshores and stream banks is both exhilarating and challenging and necessitates some thoughtful ideas. We enjoy the beauty in a broad vista, the charm of a sunrise or sunset and the serenity of wild fowl glide patterns. We dream […]

How to Get Out on the Water and Love It

A guide to simplifying paddlesports access for everyone.
This content sponsored by EZ Dock.

The open water. The soothing sound of paddle meets surface. The sensation of floating—suspended in the middle of nature. There’s nothing like it.

Paddlesports lovers know the feeling. Getting out on the water is your chance to reflect, recharge, and experience nature from a […]

Help! My Outboard Won’t Start!

Step-by-step troubleshooting to help you pinpoint problems.

Murphy’s Law says your boat won’t start when you have a cabin (and boat) full of guests. While outboards have become more and more complex, they still operate on the same principles as they did before the current wave of EFI/DFI and four-stroke technology appeared. To start and run, […]

The Right PWC for You

How to choose the best craft for your cabin.
By Jeff Hemmel

Whether it’s a way to explore your surroundings, relax and play on the weekend or another toy to add to your fleet, a personal watercraft (PWC) can be an excellent addition to any cabin on or near the water. How do you know which best […]

Lake & Land Associations Have Your Back

These local groups are the best, on-the-ground conservation organizations in the country, and they also tend to be the center of social life in areas that may be remote.
By Gina Chiodi Grensing

Keeping an eye out for the best interests of your cabin’s locale, whether it be on a sparkling lake, on land in gorgeous mountain […]

Crafty Cabin Retreats

There’s no better place to get the creative juices flowing than in one of these crafty cabin retreats.
By Fran Sigurdsson

Cabins and crafting go together like, well, s’mores at a campfire. As any cabin-goer knows, there’s no better place to get the creative juices flowing. Away from the daily grind, you’re free to enjoy a favorite […]

Autumn at the Cabin

…was new and different but just as exciting.
By Christy Heitger-Ewing

My heart had sunk into the pit of my stomach the moment I had seen my children’s revised school schedule. Now that the superintendent had adopted the “balanced calendar,” classes resume at the end of July. That meant that arguably the best month of cabin season […]

Buying a Snowmobile

Website Exclusive: An expanded list of 20 expert tips you need before you shop for a snowmobile!
By Mark Boncher

Take a big plunge or a little plunge? Payments or no payments? What happens if something goes wrong? I have heard all the questions and have seen hundreds of scenarios play out when people shop for snowmobiles. […]

Cabin Living 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Tips & Tricks for Fall Fishing

Expert fall fishing tips for catching 8 freshwater favorites.
Story by Larry Whiteley

I love fall! After a long, hot summer, I am always ready for cooler temperatures and the beautiful autumn colors. But most of all, I am ready for the fabulous fall fishing!

When fall arrives most fishermen start winterizing their boat and putting away their fishing equipment. […]